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Tiffany S of Ohio

Due to the restrictions that were put in place at the start of the Covid pandemic, Tiffany had to navigate her way through obtaining her medical marijuana card as a patient in Ohio AND trying to figure out what works best for her and what doesn’t work for her, all on her own. 

Tiffany had back surgery in 2017 and was put on a bunch of medications; she also suffers from PTSD and depression – which brought on a slew of additional medications – together, all of them left her feeling terrible. In this episode, she shares with us the process she went through to wean herself off of all of these pills with the help of cannabis which helped her regain that quality of life that she had lost while on the pills. 

Join Danielle and Tiffany as they discuss the rough road of navigating the traditional medicine as a chronic patient, the lack of education out there for both patients and physicians on the different compounds of the cannabis plant and how it works, as well as what patients can do to teach themselves based on their own experiences by keeping track of what they’ve tried. 

Tiffany shares her personal experience as a patient in the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program and how different products have affected her symptoms and changed her quality of life. We discuss the difficulty of breaking the barrier and the stigmas that surround cannabis users and the importance of having those discussions about cannabis with your doctors and your family. 

Finally, Danielle and Tiffany discuss some of the stresses and frustrations that are still present in the medical marijuana program in Ohio and what they would like to see change in the program. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or be afraid to admit you don’t know what you’re doing. Be open about your history with cannabis and your previous experience. Reach out to other patients or even the budtenders at the dispensary – don’t be afraid to ask them to explain things to you.
When starting with edibles (or any method, really) – always start low, go slow! Make sure you take them when you’re at home and can safely experiment to know how you are going to be affected. 

I will never tire of hearing patients’ stories and watching their lives transform with the power of plant medicine. It is extremely empowering to talk to others who continue to fight and advocate for their own health and wellness. 

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