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Medicating Mindfully

with cannibis

A Course for Budding Cannabis users

take back control

Let me guess

You’re feeling lost and overwhelmed (or maybe underwhelmed) with the amount of reliable information on the internet about medical marijuana. Maybe you’ve reached a point in your journey where your quality of life is being taken from you by all the medications you’re taking to manage your chronic health conditions.

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The good news is

My course, Mindfully Medicating with Cannabis, teaches you the science behind using cannabis as medicine, how to understand what you’re looking for before you even step foot in a dispensary, and how to keep track of the products you’re trying so that you can start understanding how to manage your own cannabis treatment plan.



Mindfully Medicating with Cannabis

Within this self-paced, 4-module course, you will learn:

  • The History of Cannabis
  • Hemp vs. Marijuana
  • Varieties of the Cannabis Plant (Sativa vs. Hybrid vs. Indica)
  • Debunked: Myths about Cannabis
  • Legalities of Medical Marijuana
  • The Endocannabinoid System
  • Cannabinoids
  • Terpenes
  • Methods of Consumption
  • Setting Intentions for your Consumption

meet your teacher

Hey friends!

My name is Danielle – a dog mom, an aunt, a chronic illness warrior, and a medical marijuana patient advocate. The medicinal impact of marijuana helped me take back control and feel more aligned in my overall wellness than ever before. Cannabis is often overlooked because of a stigma created by society that shames it, so my mission is to put an end to that stereotype by educating others on the benefits it can reap for your health!