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Hi Friends! My name is Danielle – a dog mom, aunt, chronic illness warrior, and medical marijuana patient advocate. The medicinal impact of marijuana helped me take back control and feel more aligned in my overall wellness than ever before. Cannabis is often overlooked because of a stigma created by society that shames it, so my mission is to put an end to that stereotype by educating others on the benefits it can reap for your health! 

Don’t ever be afraid to speak up for things that you believe in! I believe in the well-being cannabis brings to my body and I will voice it to everyone I know. Their health is vital, and using natural resources opposed to dozens of pills is worth making someone take time to at least try and learn about cannabis. That’s why I created Lady Jane Wellness, and am so motivated by the impact I know it can have!

With love, Danielle

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The Canna-Curious

Lady Jane Wellness offers a variety of cannabis coaching services that are aimed to help any level cannabis user. These services are for anyone looking to become a medical cannabis patient or anyone who is wondering if medical marijuana is for them.

New users or patients

For anyone who is new to medical cannabis and who may be confused or overwhelmed with what to do next (first dispensary visit, what to look for in your products, how to use your new medicine etc.). Or maybe you’ve been using cannabis for years but are looking to gain a greater understanding of how cannabis works and how to responsibly integrate it into your current wellness routine – I’m here to help!

Chronis illness warriors

LFor young adults living with chronic pain or other chronic health issues who are wanting to utilize cannabis to regain some control over their symptoms and their quality of life. For anyone looking to have a mindful cannabis experience and feel empowered to track and manage their own medical marijuana treatment.

who is lady jane?

We all know Lady Jane is the magical Mary-plant we smoke, eat + vape, but I’ve got another connection to the name that keeps this business close to my heart. Growing up, my Nonna (Italian for grandma) used to babysit my cousins and I quite often because we lived with her for several years after our parents divorced. Whenever Nonna was scolding any of us girls she would call us “Lady Jane”, I think she just called all younger girls Lady Jane because she couldn’t remember all of our names. I remember while we lived at her house and I would see all her library books about fibromyalgia and she had all these pills and ointments to treat her symptoms. At the time I didn’t understand what she was experiencing but now that I am experiencing the same symptoms and getting prescribed the same medications before the age of 30, I can’t help but pull inspiration from my Nonna. Although she passed away a few years ago, Nonna remains the OG Lady Jane and a piece of inspiration behind Lady Jane Wellness.

my story

In May of 2014 – just 5 days after my 25th birthday, as I lay flat in my hospital bed while the neurosurgeon was giving me the post-surgery report – stating that was the worst herniation (discs) he’d ever seen in his career. This was definitely not a goal I had set out to accomplish in life – but hey, always fun to set records – right? I didn’t realize it at the time – but those herniated discs and accompanying surgery would send me down a long road of finding the root cause of not only my back issues, but all of my chronic health issues that seemed to keep piling up.

I was tired of being sent off with pills that gave me more side effects which would require more pills to combat the side effects of the originals – leaving me feeling more like a nauseous zombie and less like a 20-something year old “healthy” graduate student. When I began using cannabis regularly on the weekends to unwind, I began putting my grad school skills to the test and paid closer attention to the symptom relief I was getting while I consumed – finally feeling more like myself, or the person I felt I was on the inside. For the next 5 years I monitored my consumption practices and taught myself how to manage my symptoms with cannabis – allowing me to get off of 90% of the prescription medications that the doctors and specialists had prescribed for me. At the time Ohio did not have an established medical marijuana program – so I was left to navigate this process on my own and perform my own self-study trials with whatever cannabis flower I could get from my “dude” – not actually knowing what I was getting as it was from an unregulated/untested market, so I depended heavily on my own notes – running little “trials” with each new batch to get a feel for how that particular strain affected me.

It sounds complicated – and truthfully, not always the most reliable system to follow. But I have some good news! After working in the medical marijuana industry over the last two years – I have streamlined and simplified the system. You no longer have to scour the internet doing your own research – feeling overwhelmed or discouraged by the unreliable/contradicting information on the internet. Now you can learn everything you want to know about cannabis and how it can work for you by helping to restore balance in your body. You’ll learn mindful consumption practices as well as learning how to plan out your product purchases before you even get to the store – allowing you to utilize your highs to optimize your workflow and well-being.