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Personalized Cannabis Medicine based on Your DNA – Nicco Reggente, CEO of Strain Genie


Nicco Reggente, PhD

CEO of Strain Genie

Whether you’re brand new to trying cannabis or you’ve been playing the guessing game on products for a while, you might benefit from Strain Genie’s amazing tools!

Strain Genie looks at over 450 biomarkers in your DNA that affect your cannabis use and health, you get personalized insights and important warnings about how your body may or may not respond to specific cannabinoids, terpenes, strains, and products – ultimately helping you prioritize your purchases and have a more informed cannabis journey. Each Cannabis Health Report contains over 65 pages of insights, including: general endocannabinoid health and metabolism affecting your consumption, over 16 medical categories, your susceptibility to over 50 medical traits – each with their own cannabinoid and terpene recommendations based on your risk profile.

In today’s episode we are chatting with Nicco Reggente, the CEO of Strain Genie about what led him to develop this incredible tool, he discusses the importance of knowing this information about ourselves and the future of where he sees Strain Genie going in the future.

“It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has” – Hippocrates, the father of medicine

While Nicco was completing his doctoral program, his wife was learning to manage her endometriosis and his mother was battling breast cancer – Nicco realized that he could use the same type of machine learning techniques he was using in his neuroscience research to help them find cannabis products that could work well for them.

The broad selection of products in the dispensary can be overwhelming and cause people to shy away or make rash decisions when it comes to purchasing products. Nicco call’s this “analysis paralysis” – and the trouble with this is that these products can sometimes lead to an unpleasant experience which is what everyone is trying to avoid.

Your Strain Genie report is a sectioned/categorized summary of insights into your health and how cannabis can be a bridge to assisting you on the journey towards wellbeing and health, taking into account all the information that is provided from your genetic predispositions.

One of the most interesting markers that Strain Genie looks at is how well you metabolize THC – this marker is a good indicator of how well edibles would work for you. In addition to learning how well you metabolize edibles, they take it a step further and section off which methods of consumption may work better for you based on your predispositions.

Some of the other predispositions in this report that are especially important for both medical and recreational cannabis users include (but not limited to):

Substance dependency, including: alcohol, nicotine, opioids, and cannabisNeurodegenerative diseases, including: Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’sCannabis-Induced Impairments, including: cannabis-induced psychosis, cannabis-induced impulsivity, and cannabis-induced attention & working memory impairmentNote: there are many, many more markers included in your Strain Genie report, these are just a handful that we think would benefit all cannabis users.

If you’re interested in getting your own Strain Genie Report, you can either purchase a collection kit right from their website or you can upload your raw data file from popular ancestry sites such as 23andMe and

You can connect with Strain Genie on social @StrainGenie.

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