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Candy Flores of TX


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Candy Flores of Texas

In this episode of CannaConversations, Danielle speaks with Candy Flores of Corpus Christy, Texas. Candy is a medical cannabis patient who shares the story of her personal health and cannabis journey. 
Candy first became ill in 2008, within just a couple years she already had a full regimen of medications, including multiple opioids and muscle relaxers, she said she was on upwards of 15 different medications at one time. Prior to becoming ill, Candy worked in the traditional medicine type setting but ultimately needed to give up her job due to her diminishing health condition. After undergoing multiple procedures (4 surgeries between Aug 2016-Dec 2016) and her body rejecting multiple devices for pain management – which led to severe infections – Candy had reached her breaking point. Her quality of life was non-existent and the toll this took on her and her family really shows in how she describes this time in her life. 
In January 2017, Candy was at a loss. When a family friend sent her some cannabis oil to try from her personal medication that she used in management of her cancer related symptoms, Candy figured why not – at this point, she’d tried everything else. Candy continues on to talk about her journey, from breaking generational beliefs and facing a lack of accessibility, to regaining her quality of life and managing her symptoms…the change in Candy’s face is evident when she begins speaking of the way cannabis has given her her life back. 
Listen in to hear Candy’s full journey and about how she uses her personal experience to now help others find that same progress she has experienced. 
To get in touch with Candy: 
Social: @pure_lyfe_pure_wellness 
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