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Introducing the Ladies of Midwest CannaConcierge on The CannaConversations Podcast

If you’ve followed me a while, you know that I have wanted to produce a podcast for now but struggled to bring it to reality on my own. In 2021, I began working on a project with two of my friends and colleagues, Kelsey and Amanda. Midwest CannaConcierge was born as a collaborative effort to provide hands-on education for patients who are wanting a little more help on their cannabis journey. Together, the three of us host weekly CannaConversations, where we work to bridge the gap between the cannabis industry and the patient’s it serves. 

This first episode was just a silly episode where the three of us share a little about our own experiences with cannabis and what led us here. 


Introducing the Ladies of

Midwest CannaConcierge

Get to know the ladies of Midwest CannaConcierge – the hosts of CannaConversations.

Kelsey Echelbarger, PharmD
Amanda Joslin, Cannabis Advisor
Danielle Tscherne, Cannabis Advisor

Join us as we discuss topics such as:
* Our first highs/experience with using cannabis
* Cannabis education for physicians and patients
* Shifting mindsets around cannabis consumption
* Dispensary Overwhelm & consumption tracking
* …and more!

Please note: This episode was just for fun and does not represent the formatting of the rest of the episodes. The point of episode 1 was simply to give you guys an intro to the three ladies of Midwest CannaConcierge. If you are interested in learning more about what we do, please head to our website

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