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Personalized Cannabis Medicine based on Your DNA – Nicco Reggente, CEO of Strain Genie

Strain Genie looks at over 450 biomarkers in your DNA that affect your cannabis use and health, you get personalized insights and important warnings about how your body may or may not respond to specific cannabinoids, terpenes, strains, and products – ultimately helping you prioritize your purchases and have a more informed cannabis journey. Each Cannabis Health Report contains over 65 pages of insights, including: general endocannabinoid health and metabolism affecting your consumption, over 16 medical categories, your susceptibility to over 50 medical traits – each with their own cannabinoid and terpene recommendations based on your risk profile.

Michael Komorn

Michael Komorn – Michigan Marijuana Attorney

Michael explains how he first started into the world of cannabis law and how his practice has evolved as Michigan law has changed from medical use to recreational use. He shares his experience defending people in court where their cannabis use comes under attack. We ask him about how parents can navigate if their parental rights come under review because of their cannabis use and Michael shares his experience what happens in these situations and how parents can protect themselves and their children from landing up in these cases.

Tanya Kaye

Tanya Kaye, Pediatric MMJ Caregiver

Tanya is currently the grandmother of Michigan’s youngest Medical Marijuana patient, who is only six months old. This passion has driven her to earn multiple certificates in cannabis consulting, growing, and extracting. All this experience has shown Tanya that the Medical Marijuana Law of 2008 is vitally important to Michigan patients. Her true passion is to help protect them and the MMMA.

Rory McClain from Standard Wellness

Rory McClain from Standard Wellness

Today Amanda and Danielle are speaking with Rory McClain, Director of Sales for Standard Wellness in Ohio, Utah, and Missouri. Rory’s been in sales since graduating college, but has always felt passionate for the legalization and reform efforts regarding cannabis – so before joining Standard Wellness, he started his own CBD company! Eventually he partnered up with Standard Wellness and hasn’t looked back! He’s been a recreational user his whole life, but in a way, he says, he was also getting those therapeutic benefits of the plant as a rec user – but Rory believes wholeheartedly that cannabis is going to play a huge role in the opioid epidemic.


We’re Talkin’ Terpenes!

Join Amanda and Danielle for this CannaConversation as Danielle walks us through a bit of her Mindfully Medicating course, reviewing some canna-basics and talkin’ terpenes. It was recently brought to our attention that the average listener may not understand some of the terms that are used pretty often on the show, so we thought we could take this opportunity to scratch the surface of how cannabis works as medicine.

Cole Wallis of Cannabis Can

Cole Wallis of CannabisCan!

In this episode, Danielle speaks with Cole Wallis of the Cannabis Can! project. Cole has been working as a project manager for CannabisCan! for about 5 months now and has seen his fair share of the challenges here in the Ohio medical cannabis program, including the recycling problem – where people were stockpiling their packaging from their medical cannabis products because they were leary on how to properly recycle the robust packaging that they would get with each purchase.

Steve Miller of Komorn Law

Steve Miller – Retired Law Enforcement Officer Turned Investigator for Komorn Law

Steve explains Section 4 and Section 8 of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act and how their law firm is actively fighting cases where these are being violated due to lack of understanding by the police. Steve gives his perspective, as former law enforcement, where the disconnect is between what is written in the law and what is actually being enforced within the state of Michigan.

Kali Casale from GTI

Kali Casale – GTI Community Outreach Specialist

In this episode of CannaConversations, Danielle and Amanda get to sit down with Kali Casale, Community Outreach Specialist for GTI (Green Thumb Industries) in Ohio. Kali talks about how she came from a traditional medicine background and transitioned into the medical cannabis industry and how her experience working in oncology gave her the tools and compassion that she brings to her current position doing patient outreach.

Robert Kowalski Vets Ending the Stigma

Robert Kowalski of Veterans Ending the Stigma

In this episode of CannaConversations, Danielle talks to Robert Kowalski – a Veteran of the United States Air Force. Following Robert’s two tours of duty, he found himself combating symptoms of PTSD in a system that was not really equipped to handle that type of diagnosis. He was put on a slew of prescription medications that ultimately created more issues for him. After about 3-6 months in this process, Robert made the decision to take leave from the military and try cannabis as medicine – once he discovered the relief, he made the conscious decision that he couldn’t go back to what the VA hospital wanted him to be doing.