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Michael Komorn

Michael Komorn – Michigan Marijuana Attorney


Michael Komorn

Cannabis Attorney
at Komorn Law

In this episode of CannaConversations, Amanda and Danielle chat with  Michigan cannabis attorney, Michael Komorn of Komorn Law about legal cases involving cannabis. 

Michael explains how he first started into the world of cannabis law and how his practice has evolved as Michigan law has changed from medical use to recreational use. He shares his experience defending people in court where their cannabis use comes under attack. We ask him about how parents can navigate if their parental rights come under review because of their cannabis use and Michael shares his experience what happens in these situations and how parents can protect themselves and their children from landing up in these cases.

We also discuss people on probation and their ability to use medical marijuana, cannabis banking laws and how to navigate interactions with law enforcement officers should you find yourself pulled over as a cannabis consumer. 

About Attorney Michael Komorn
Michael Komorn has dozens of victories and over 27 years of experience in criminal defense law as well as more than a decade of legal experience representing the marijuana community for cannabis patients, caregivers, physicians, cannabis licensing and business legal services.  Michael is your best choice when you need a lawyer whose strategies and appetite to win in the court system are what he lives for. Michael Komorn is recognized as one of the top knowledgeable attorneys regarding Michigan’s Medical Marihuana Act, his perspectives have appeared throughout news, including, but not limited to: The Detroit New, Detroit Free Press, WWJ News Radio 950, WJR-AM, The Oakland Press, WJRT-TV, WDET-FM, WMYD-TV 20, and Michigan’s Lawyer’s Weekly.

Since 2008 the Komorn Law firm has primarily focused on Michigan’s medical marihuana law, marijuana legalization matters, cannabis business licensing and legal services as well as continuing aggressive legal defense. He has been President of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association since 2010, which provides legal advocacy for medical marijuana patients and caregivers as well as a forum for those to share their experience and discuss related issues. And he has been a member of the Cannabis Law Section, (previously Marijuana Law Section) since 2017.

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You can hear more from Michael and Amanda on their show Planet Green Trees TV, airs live every Thursday at 8PM EST. 

To learn more about Michael or to get in touch with the Komorn Law group, visit their website or find them on Facebook.  

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