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Finding Discounts in the Ohio Medical Marijuana Program

Finding Discounts within the Ohio Medical Marijuana Program

Ohio Medical Marijauna Control Program

Military & Indigent discounts

The vast majority of Ohio Medical Marijuana dispensaries offer military veterans and people who rely on government assistance with an automatic 20-30% price reduction on their purchases from the dispensary.

People who rely on social security or disability income and US veterans also receive 50% off their registration fees with the Ohio Board of Pharmacy.

 There is documentation that must be provided to the board in order for the discount to be approved, but once it is added to their account – they will automatically receive the discounts in the dispensaries. 

For more information on how to receive Veteran or Indigent discounts, click here for a quick reference guide from the OMMCP. 

Seek out price reductions

In 2020, lawmakers finally recognized that product prices in Ohio medical dispensaries were too high for many patients to access the medicine they needed. They approved dispensaries to start offering regular price reductions on products. 

This was a huge win for patients (and dispensaries) because this offered discounts to the patients who are not eligible for the military or indigent discounts for the first time since the program’s launch in 2019.

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Most dispensaries in the state now offer regular price reductions on products and they will send out email and/or text notifications to registered patients to let them know of current and up-coming price reductions. Staying up to date with the dispensary you mostly frequent and/or planning ahead for when you know prices will be reduced is another great way to save money on your medicine. 

Lower sales tax when purchasing
medical vs Adult-use

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A common question that comes up for people who live in, or near, an adult-use or legal state – is why do I need a medical card if I can just purchase from the recreational dispensaries. 

While this is very true, and no one is stopping you from doing that – however, did you know that by having your medical marijuana patient card you not only have access to a wider variety of products, you also receive a huge cut in sales tax by purchasing from the medical side?

It’s true! As of 2021, in Michigan, adult-use sales were issued a 16% tax (10% excise tax, 6% sales tax) versus medical sales which were only taxed the 6% sales – meaning for the same $60 product, it would cost rec (adult-use) users an extra $6 in taxes. That might not seem like much, but over time it adds up! 

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