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Rory McClain from Standard Wellness

Rory McClain from Standard Wellness

Today Amanda and Danielle are speaking with Rory McClain, Director of Sales for Standard Wellness in Ohio, Utah, and Missouri. Rory’s been in sales since graduating college, but has always felt passionate for the legalization and reform efforts regarding cannabis – so before joining Standard Wellness, he started his own CBD company! Eventually he partnered up with Standard Wellness and hasn’t looked back! He’s been a recreational user his whole life, but in a way, he says, he was also getting those therapeutic benefits of the plant as a rec user – but Rory believes wholeheartedly that cannabis is going to play a huge role in the opioid epidemic.

Cole Wallis of Cannabis Can

Cole Wallis of CannabisCan!

In this episode, Danielle speaks with Cole Wallis of the Cannabis Can! project. Cole has been working as a project manager for CannabisCan! for about 5 months now and has seen his fair share of the challenges here in the Ohio medical cannabis program, including the recycling problem – where people were stockpiling their packaging from their medical cannabis products because they were leary on how to properly recycle the robust packaging that they would get with each purchase.

Steve Miller of Komorn Law

Steve Miller – Retired Law Enforcement Officer Turned Investigator for Komorn Law

Steve explains Section 4 and Section 8 of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act and how their law firm is actively fighting cases where these are being violated due to lack of understanding by the police. Steve gives his perspective, as former law enforcement, where the disconnect is between what is written in the law and what is actually being enforced within the state of Michigan.

Kali Casale from GTI

Kali Casale – GTI Community Outreach Specialist

In this episode of CannaConversations, Danielle and Amanda get to sit down with Kali Casale, Community Outreach Specialist for GTI (Green Thumb Industries) in Ohio. Kali talks about how she came from a traditional medicine background and transitioned into the medical cannabis industry and how her experience working in oncology gave her the tools and compassion that she brings to her current position doing patient outreach.

Robert Kowalski Vets Ending the Stigma

Robert Kowalski of Veterans Ending the Stigma

In this episode of CannaConversations, Danielle talks to Robert Kowalski – a Veteran of the United States Air Force. Following Robert’s two tours of duty, he found himself combating symptoms of PTSD in a system that was not really equipped to handle that type of diagnosis. He was put on a slew of prescription medications that ultimately created more issues for him. After about 3-6 months in this process, Robert made the decision to take leave from the military and try cannabis as medicine – once he discovered the relief, he made the conscious decision that he couldn’t go back to what the VA hospital wanted him to be doing.


Tiffany S.

Tiffany had back surgery in 2017 and was put on a bunch of medications; she also suffers from PTSD and depression – which brought on a slew of additional medications – together, all of them left her feeling terrible. In this episode, she shares with us the process she went through to wean herself off of all of these pills with the help of cannabis which helped her regain that quality of life that she had lost while on the pills.


Candy Flores of TX

In January 2017, Candy was at a loss. When a family friend sent her some cannabis oil to try from her personal medication that she used in management of her cancer related symptoms, Candy figured why not – at this point, she’d tried everything else. Candy continues on to talk about her journey, from breaking generational beliefs and facing a lack of accessibility, to regaining her quality of life and managing her symptoms…the change in Candy’s face is evident when she begins speaking of the way cannabis has given her her life back.


Introducing the Ladies of Midwest CannaConcierge on The CannaConversations Podcast

In 2021, I began working on a project with two of my friends and colleagues, Kelsey and Amanda. Midwest CannaConcierge was born as a collaborative effort to provide hands-on education for patients who are wanting a little more help on their cannabis journey. Together, the three of us host weekly CannaConversations, where we work to bridge the gap between the cannabis industry and the patient’s it serves.

How To Get Started with Dry Herb Vaporizers

In the state of Ohio, somewhere within the almost 90-page text document of the Ohio Medical Marijuana bill is a rule that strictly prohibits smoking (the combustion) of medical cannabis. Some may question, then why do Ohio dispensaries bother to sell cannabis flowers? Well, it’s because patients are meant to purchase a device called a dry-herb vaporizer to consume their flower products with.