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Rory McClain from Standard Wellness

Rory McClain from Standard Wellness


Rory McClain

From Standard Wellness

Today Amanda and Danielle are speaking with Rory McClain, Director of Sales for Standard Wellness in Ohio, Utah, and Missouri. Rory’s been in sales since graduating college, but has always felt passionate for the legalization and reform efforts regarding cannabis – so before joining Standard Wellness, he started his own CBD company! Eventually he partnered up with Standard Wellness and hasn’t looked back! He’s been a recreational user his whole life, but in a way, he says, he was also getting those therapeutic benefits of the plant as a rec user – but Rory believes wholeheartedly that cannabis is going to play a huge role in the opioid epidemic. 

Rory uses his personal experience as someone who struggled with addiction and experienced multiple overdoses – who tried the other medically assisted treatment programs that are traditionally recommended and found they led him right back to active addiction. By taking ownership of his own life and taking his health into his own hands, cannabis allowed him to build a life free of opioid addiction. Rory says it wasn’t easy and it certainly wasn’t pretty – but he calls himself an exception to the rule because he was able to claw himself out of that hole. He now channels that experience into doing all he can to help others that find themselves in that place. 

Danielle and Rory discuss how even though Opioid Abuse Disorder is not an approved qualifying condition here in Ohio, as it is in some states, what is on the list is chronic pain. A lot of patients develop their addictions because of the over-prescription of pain medications and now, for the first time in the state, physicians (who are qualified to do so) are now able to recommend medical cannabis over narcotic pain regimens. The ‘adult use’ change in the legislature will definitely help prevention efforts for many people who do not currently have medical access to cannabis.

Rory tells us how Standard is prepping for the passing of recreational use in Ohio and what that will look like for them – including building out their greenhouses and facilities in preparation for increased production capacity. Amanda shares some of the stresses that Michigan hit when they rolled out recreational sales of cannabis and how refreshing it is to hear that the representatives are taking the time to recognize that there is a ramp-up period that takes place to accommodate adult sales.  

Additional topics we discuss:

  •  Upcoming products to watch for from Standard
  • Federal legalization efforts
  • Synthetic forms of cannabis
  • Budtender/Dispensary Pros education or training programs
  • Open positions with Standard Wellness – how to apply
  • And much more!

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Are you looking for a job in the cannabis industry? Be sure to visit to see their open positions. 

Anyone who has questions about cannabis, or more specifically, questions about their own journey or a loved one’s journey with active addiction and needing some additional resources  and you want to speak directly to Rory McClain, he has graciously shared his cell number with our listeners in hopes to make himself completely accessible for any patient who needs him. 

If you are interested in joining the CannaConversation or are looking for more support on your cannabis journey, be sure to check out the Midwest CannaConcierge website to connect with a cannabis advisor today!

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