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Cole Wallis of Cannabis Can

Cole Wallis of CannabisCan!


Cole Wallis

Project Manager with Cannabis Can!

In this episode, Danielle speaks with Cole Wallis of the Cannabis Can! project. Cole has been working as a project manager for CannabisCan! for about 5 months now and has seen his fair share of the challenges here in the Ohio medical cannabis program, including the recycling problem – where people were stockpiling their packaging from their medical cannabis products because they were leary on how to properly recycle the robust packaging that they would get with each purchase. 

Before coming to CannabisCan, Cole used his passion for the environment while working for a non-profit promoting electric vehicles. He stumbled upon the CannabisCan job listing, and he talks about how he’s constantly learning a lot since starting this role. Since starting in this new role, Cole has been working with dispensaries, cultivators, and processors to come up with better practices when it comes to packaging and waste produced in the Ohio industry. In addition to this, CannabisCan is also working with the state to come up with better practices and trying to create a program that would allow dispensaries to collect empty containers from patients inside the store. 

CannabisCan is also making several efforts to help move our Ohio program forward, including hosting social/networking events for anyone involved in or interested in cannabis, running food drives for local food banks, and bringing in an exciting new partnership with a company called Wastetrackr, which helps people/companies in the cannabis industry track their waste. This innovative platform helps companies optimize their production and produce less waste over all. 

Cole shares his experience with cannabis prior to becoming a patient himself and how surprised he was to realize how much cannabis would help him overall. Once he started as a patient and was able to begin understanding what was in his products and how the different cannabinoid/terpene combinations would help him. Danielle and Cole discuss the importance of knowing all of the information for products on the menu, not just THC and CBD. Cole shares his tip for new patients on tracking products they try, his favorite way to medicate and recent favorite strains here in Ohio. 

We chat about Cole’s journey as a patient and how he handles people in his inner circle seeing him in this industry. Since becoming a patient he has educated himself as much as he can on all things cannabis and specifically the products he’s using so that he can best manage his mental and physical health journey. We discuss how empowering it is for patients to be able to regain control and restore their quality of life by really honing in their cannabis journey. 

The conversation shines light on the consequences of the war on drugs and the  inequality that develops for the most minor marijuana offense. CannabisCan Ohio partners with an organization called URC Grows – a non-profit, providing cannabis education to formerly incarcerated and communities impacted by the war on drugs. 

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