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Rob Robar

The Helping Friendly Hemp Company

In this episode of CannaConversations, the ladies of Midwest CannaConcierge sit down with Rob Robar from The Helping Friendly Hemp Company to talk about his personal journey and how he developed the original Helping Friendly Topical Salve. 

It all started back in 2000 when Rob began having pain in his leg, ended up being a herniated disc and pinched nerves. Between 2000-01, he had 2 back surgeries and was sent through the gambit of using the pharmaceuticals the doctors put him on. Rob says about halfway thru his recovery he started noticing that the pills weren’t helping as much. Because he had been using  cannabis recreationally for years, he started to make the conscious decision to use the plant as medicine, instead of pills. In 2010, Rob got his medical marijuana patient card and started volunteering at the Compassion Club (Waterford, MI) – where he became a caregiver for others which led to him developing his original topical salve.

In addition to hearing how Rob got started, we also talk about how cannabis topicals work and what they are good for. Rob takes us through the different products available from The Helping Friendly Hemp Company and how over the years their production has grown and evolved. 

About The Helping Friendly Hemp Company Founder, Rob Robar:

In 2014 our founding member Rob Robar was desperately seeking relief from symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, a condition that causes numbness of the legs which was a result of recent spine surgery. After countless failed remedies, he decided to try his hand at making an all-natural homeopathic topical treatment himself. After many attempts and countless hours of research he finally formulated a product consisting of several ancient carrier oils, a blend of aromatic and effective essential oils, and powerful hemp oil extract. The results were nothing short of miraculous and he knew that this product needed to be shared with the world.

The Helping Friendly Hemp Company was born! 

In commercial production since 2017, The Helping Friendly Salve has remained our best-selling line of products. Topical hemp therapy has been found to help treat symptoms for many skin, muscle, and joint conditions including dry skin, restless legs, cuts, bruises, inflammation, swelling, sunburn, tattoo aftercare, deep tissue bruising, joint swelling, nerve pain, and many more! Our topical is offered in a 4oz jar and features 200mg of phytocannabinoid rich in hemp oil extract. We have now grown to over 20 individual product offerings. Truly products Born out of necessity.

If you’d like to check out products from The Helping Friendly Hemp Company, please visit their website or you can find them on instagram @thehelpingfriendlysalve.

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