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Tanya Kaye

Tanya Kaye, Pediatric MMJ Caregiver


Tanya Kaye

Certified cannabis consultant and Educator

On this week’s CannaConversation, Amanda and Danielle sit down with Tanya Kaye, an activist and caregiver within the Michigan Medical Cannabis program. 

Tanya Kaye became a medical marijuana patient in 2014; since then, she has been on a fast-track learning curve throughout all of the rapid changes and progression of marijuana laws in Michigan. Tanya quickly began building connections with those already well-established in both cannabis businesses and cannabis activism. 

Starting at Hemphill Wellness in Burton, MI, as a budtender for the caregiver system, transitioning into the MMFLA licensed market working for such companies as Light N’ Up Provisioning Center, Narvona, and T-Rex. Tanya also crossed over into the cannabis testing industry, working for Act Labs in Lansing, MI. 

Tanya is currently the grandmother of Michigan’s youngest Medical Marijuana patient, who is only six months old. This passion has driven her to earn multiple certificates in cannabis consulting, growing, and extracting. All this experience has shown Tanya that the Medical Marijuana Law of 2008 is vitally important to Michigan patients. Her true passion is to help protect them and the MMMA.

Topics we cover today include:

  • Pediatric cannabis patients and how parents/caregivers can go about getting a medical cannabis card for pediatric patients
  • How Tanya and her daughter manage her granddaughter’s seizures with the help of a cannabis tincture
  • Current legislation being introduced in Michigan that will severely impact caregivers and their patients
  • Finding the right cocktail of cannabinoids for patients
  • …and so much more!

If you have questions about pediatric cannabis patients and are looking to connect with Tanya Kaye, you can find her on Facebook.

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